Shanghai Bi Jun Biotech Co., Ltd

About Us

Shanghai Bi Jun Biotech Co., Ltd,(B&J) Green agro fertilizer manufacture & supplier, we are a leading manufacturers and suppliers of bio fertilizers in China. B&J is professionally in supply Organic fertilizers, Chelated fertilizers, Liquid bio fertilizers, Trace elements fertilizers, Water soluble fertilizer etc. Shanghai Bi Jun Biotech Co.,Ltd, produce bio fertilizers for 8 years already, one of the top 15 bio fertilizer suppliers in China, we provide 50 kinds of bio fertilizers with various packages, exported to more than 80 countries and regions. We support OEM service for our customers.  Organic fertilizers we have : Humic acid, Fulvic acid, Potassium humate, Potassium fulvate or Fulvic potassium etc, our material source from Inner Mongolia with high quality, which make us confidence in quality control. eg. Potassium humate we produce in 100% water soluble.   Chelated plant nutrient elements fertilizers are part of our production lines, we offer a full range of chelated and non-chelated trace elements fertilizers in solid and liquid form. EDTA chelated and EDDHA chelated trace elements fertilizers are most popular in our chelate fertilizers. Liquid bio fertilizers are compound fertilizers, we make mixture of the organic fertilizers and the micro trace elements into liquid bio fertilizers to make high functions to different crops to increase yield for farmers all over the world.Best quality, Just for you. B&J, Your green choice for Agro fertilizers!